Natural Rose Quartz Set - skinrite
Natural Rose Quartz Set
Natural Rose Quartz Set

    Natural Rose Quartz Set

      HOW TO USE
      ✔ Relieves Facial Tension
      ✔ Enhances Skin Elasticity Tightening Skin
      ✔ Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
      ✔ Reduces Puffiness, Eye Bags and Dark Circles
      ✔ Promotes Blood Circulation 
      ✔ Helps Penetrate Serum and Creams Deeper into Skin

      This Rose Quartz Set is the bare essential for your skin ritual giving your skin a glow you can vibe with. It soothes skin as the crystal emits a vibration motion that calms skin inflammation, helps cell restoration and smoothes wrinkles improving skin elasticity. Helps puffiness as it increases blood circulation helping trapped toxins and stimulating collagen production. These crystals are a basic tool for your ever glowing days.


      Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Apply with outward motion on to your face and neck area using the larger end. In the same motion use on under eye and not so easy to reach areas with the smaller end.

      Gua Sha Rose Quartz Lifting Tool - Massage your face and neck gently in upward motion starting from the neck up to your under eye area, each side separately repeating motions 3-5 times.

      Use each tool for 5-10 minutes in your skin rite for a breathtaking radiance.

      Be sure to cleanse your tools after usage with a dry or moist towelette wipe down the stone area.

      Best Results with our water-based serums Hyaluronic Acid & Argireline Collagen Essence!


      -Rose Quartz Facial Roller

      -Gua Sha Rose Quartz Lifting Tool

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